The future is bright!

Healthcare - A Division of WFCU Credit Union

A message from our President & CEO


It is with great appreciation and excitement that I welcome you to the WFCU Credit Union (WFCU) family. Your vote at the AGM on Monday, March 20th in favour of joining WFCU was unanimous, and I want to thank you for putting your trust and confidence in us; it is our intention and priority to exceed your expectations.

While the partnership is not expected to be finalized until June of this year, I want to share with you some of our plans for WFCU’s new Healthcare division and the direct benefits to you, our valued new members.

For almost 90 years, the financial well-being of our members and their communities has been central to everything we do. Beginning in June, we look forward to bringing this same level of care and commitment to our London members by expanding the products and services available to you, and our footprint in the greater London area. We also plan to bring our successful community outreach program, Inspire, to the community, building on the roots HCCU has already established.

HCCU will become Healthcare – A Division of WFCU Credit Union, which will continue to serve existing healthcare members, and hopefully become the credit union of choice for healthcare professionals, workers, and support staff across Ontario. Through the formation of a healthcare advisory board, which will include the current HCCU Board as its first members, we will work to ensure the distinct needs of the healthcare community are understood and integrated into WFCU’s operations.

As part of the WFCU family, you will gain access to the following:
  • new and advanced technology capabilities, including a full suite of digital products and e-banking solutions;
  • new and expanded service divisions, including Auto Finance & Leasing Services, Broker Services, Insurance Services, Municipal Services, Card & Payment Services, Small Business & Commercial Services, and Wealth Management Services through Avanti Wealth;
  • our WFCU Credit Union Debit Mastercard® which gives members access to their accounts and money anywhere INTERAC® is accepted, including when shopping online; and our EVA Chequing account, providing unlimited banking, extended warranty, price protection, and buyer protection;
  • innovative products like MortgagePlus, offering low rates and same-day approvals; our Mortgage Advantage Program offering over $1,000/year in everyday banking savings; and easy and hassle-free loans through Xpressloan; and a suite of Visa Credit Cards;
  • our Member Contact Centre providing live telephone banking services during regular and extended service hours;
  • a new and expanded branch network for members to access services across London, Windsor-Essex, Chatham, and Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge; and
  • a new digital channel, Omnia Direct.
For HCCU employees, we are committed to retaining all current staff and ensuring they land in a role consistent with their current position. Our partnership also means access to enhanced employee benefits and career opportunities for these employees.

We hope that you share our excitement and enthusiasm for the positive changes ahead. As we begin our integration plans and prepare for the finalization of the partnership in June, we will keep you informed of important updates along the way. If you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me directly at

Eddie Francis
President & CEO
WFCU Credit Union

What to Expect

Greater opportunities for members

  • More competitive rates and fees
  • Access to multiple banking options so you can bank when, where, and how you want
  • Increased investments in digital banking services and innovative products to bring you more choice and value
  • Greater access to specialized financial expertise
  • Dedicated Fraud Services and IT Security

Strengthened support for our communities

  • Local decision-making in the best interests of our collective membership and the communities we serve
  • Strengthened community support and opportunities to build partnerships that create meaningful impact across Ontario

Professional growth for employees

  • Contributing to a larger team that offers more support and service to members
  • Career growth and professional development opportunities
  • Employees work in the communities they love
  • Combining the best of what each credit union offers and building an organization focused on becoming an employer of choice

Our Combined Member Network

We are committed to maintaining our combined network of 13 branch locations. Members will continue to benefit from locally based banking and personalized service from the staff they know, as well as additional resources and new facilities in the future.

WFCU Credit Union Snapshot

Snapshot of WFCU Assets
Map of WFCU Locations

Business Goals and Financial Benefits

Both credit unions are strongly aligned, with shared values, community roots, and purpose-driven cultures. Working as one entity, they aim to develop a strong business model that enables more opportunities to invest in their communities and services that add value for all members and employees.

The value proposition for the merged credit union is focused on relationships and member service. It will provide competitive pricing and products, valued personal member service, trusted advice, and local banking solutions.

A significant benefit of the merger will be to build on current partnerships and combine expertise to better serve personal and commercial markets. To grow business and attract new members, the combined credit union will ensure it remains rooted in an understanding of member needs and competitive value to offer customized banking solutions that best achieve members' financial goals.

Importantly, the partnership will help drive healthcare-focused initiatives and a joint vision for the future financial service of the healthcare community, all while continuing to reflect HCCU's history and values. It will provide additional branch locations for HCCU members and expand delivery channels for all healthcare employees, members and their families.

From a financial perspective, the proposed merger will have a positive influence on revenue growth, operational efficiency, sustainability, and member equity.

Banking on Unique Healthcare Financial Needs

Launch of New Division

HCCU and its service to healthcare sector members will move forward under the name Healthcare – a division of WFCU Credit Union. This name and mission will help drive both HCCU's and WFCU's healthcare-focussed initiatives and our joint vision for the future financial service of our healthcare members.

Advisory Committee

Healthcare – A Division of WFCU Credit Union will adopt an advisory committee, selecting current HCCU Board members to take on an advisory role informing the direction of the future growth of the healthcare division.

Member Service

The partnership will maintain a combined network of 13 retail locations and strengthen digital banking services to bring more choice and convenience to all members. In addition, members will have access to specialized expertise in commercial lending, wealth management, and insurance.


Staffing levels will be maintained at HCCU’s current location, as such members will continue to benefit from personalized service from staff they know and trust.


Working together, we remain committed to living our cooperative values and growing local communities. We will continue to prioritize finding ways to give back to the neighbourhoods and areas where our members live, work and play. Our dedicated community investment team is excited to bring some of WFCU’s signature initiatives to the London area and provide further support to the healthcare community.