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About Us

Since its incorporation in 1949, Health Care Credit Union has been providing financial services to the health care community in London and area while operating independent of any hospital affiliation. We offer a full range of traditional and internet banking services using the latest technology to more than 3,000 members.


Health Care Credit Union is committed to a collective approach to saving and to using these savings to provide loans at competitive rates to our members.


Meetings and Elections

At the annual membership meeting held each year, the board of directors reports to the membership on the past year's activities. As a member you have the right to elect or serve on the board. This body is responsible for setting all policies as permitted by the Credit Unions and Caisse Populaires Act and the Credit Union's by-laws.


Mission Statement

Health Care Credit Union’s purpose is to enable our members to achieve and sustain positive financial health and growth.


Health Care Credit Union will strive to be the financial service and product provider of choice to employees of the health care community, their families, and friends.


Values guide individual and organizational behaviour. Health Care Credit Union’s values are reflected in its Code of Conduct, which provides a common frame of reference for staff, management and the board in fulfilling the corporation’s mission and vision.

Corporate Objectives

Co-operation: As part of the co-operative financial services system, we respect the seven co-operative principles:


Service Excellence: We value service excellence in order to develop, grow, and maintain long-term relationships with members.

Teamwork: We work as a team to achieve goals and progress towards our common vision.

Respect for Others: We recognize that people are the key to success. We consistently treat people with dignity, respect, fairness and the highest standards of ethics.

Community: We recognize the importance of a strong health care community and acknowledge our fiscal responsibility through our donations and participation in community events.

Complaints Statement to Members

We try to get everything right the first time......but if we don’t, please tell us about it. Of course we hope that you NEVER have cause to complain about our services, but if you do, we have a complaints procedure.

Complaints Procedure

We aim to offer our members consistent, high quality and value for money services. We can only do this with your help. If we have let you down, please tell us.
If you make a complaint we believe that you deserve six things:

  • An apology
  • To be heard
  • Action as soon as possible
  • To be understood
  • To be respected
  • An explanation

A complaint is defined as:
Any expression of dissatisfaction whether oral or written and whether justified or not, from or on behalf of an eligible complainant about Health Care Credit Union’s provision of, or failure to provide, one of its financial services activities.

Our commitment to you

We aim to deal with your complaint as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. We will keep you informed if your complaint cannot be dealt with by the close of business the day after your complaint is received at the Credit Union.

Your first steps

You MUST give the Credit Union a chance to resolve any complaint before taking your issue further.

The best way to complain depends how the situation arose. If you are already dealing with a staff member then contact that person or their supervisor directly,  either by telephone or by letter. You could also make an appointment to see them in person. Many complaints are due to a misunderstanding and can often be resolved instantly. If you have followed these guidelines and are still unhappy, please address your complaint directly to the Complaints Officer in care of Health Care Credit Union or via email to info@healthcarecu.ca Attention: Complaints Officer.

Tips on making a written complaint

  • Include your full name, address and any reference or Membership number, at the top of the letter
  • The date you made your complaint (you can then monitor the time it takes to receive a response)
  • Write a brief summary of your complaint at the beginning of your letter
  • List the facts clearly and in a sensible order of events
  • Do not go into too much detail and try not to be repetitive
  • Send photocopies of any relevant documents – but be sure to keep the originals
  • Keep a photocopy of every letter or email you write

We Will

  • Investigate your complaint immediately.
  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint by the close of business the following day. If appropriate we will also offer an apology and a full explanation at this time.
  • Try to resolve the complaint within 30 days, but if we need more time we will let you know.
  • If we cannot resolve the issue, or need more time to investigate, we will tell you when you can expect a response and keep you advised of the progress.
  • Resolve your complaint within a maximum period of 60 days.

If you are still unhappy

In the majority of cases, complaints can be resolved very quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. If not you can take your complaint to the Complaints Officer. This person has special responsibility for complaints within the Credit Union. They will undertake an independent review on your behalf and provide you with a written response according to the aforementioned time-scale. If your complaint has been taken through the Credit Union’s Internal Complaints procedure and you are dissatisfied with the final response letter, you may be able to take your complaint to the Financial Service Commission of Ontario.

We promise to investigate and will endeavour to resolve any issues you may have, as quickly as possible.

Are Credit Unions Secure? 
Members’ deposits are insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario, a provincial crown corporation. Each member is insured to a maximum of $100,000 for the combined principal, interest and dividends of that member's totals deposits.   Joint accounts and trust accounts are also insured separately for up to $100,000.  Funds held under a RRSP, RRIF or TFSA are separately insured with unlimited coverage. In addition, each person in a trust account is insured separately from the others. Membership shares are NOT insured.

For complete information on insurance coverage, please refer to a DICO brochure entitled "How your Deposits are Insured?" A copy of this brochure may be obtained at the credit union office.


Visit the DICO website, just click here!!

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